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Living in Birtinya gives you access to many beautiful walkways and beaches. When you live in Birtinya, you want to be out enjoying the beauty of nature that surrounds you, not constantly at home making repairs.

Let Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage take care of all your plumbing needs in Birtinya. Mario is a local Birtinya resident himself, having lived there for more than a decade.

Luckily for you, we are your local Birtinya plumbers who are here to help with any of your plumbing needs. We are a family run and owned business. Let our family help yours!

At Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage, we also go the extra mile for our customers. Our fantastic work ethic means that we see every job through to the end.

That way everyone is on the same page and we can focus on getting the job done perfectly.

Blocked Drains

So, what can we do to help you solve your drainage problems? Here at Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage, we are the drain unblocking experts of Birtinya. We are fully qualified to investigate your drainage issues and clear out any blockages.

Finally, sometimes tree roots grow into your pipes and crack them. The roots could be sitting in there, stopping your water from draining away effectively.

We find more toys lodged down drains than you’d ever expect! Whatever it is, we can clear it out and have your drains running freely again.

Hot Water Systems

Choosing a hot water system is never easy. If your household doesn’t use a lot of water, electric water heaters can be a good system for you. They have a low upfront cost relative to other options on the market.

In warm climates, such as that of Birtinya, heat pump water heaters may be better as they are an efficient option for water heating. We can install these to give you all the benefits of a heat pump with the added feature of water heating.

Many people choose to install gas hot water systems for this reason. You will never run out of hot water again because of the quick heating process they use. This provides you with an endless supply of piping hot water for all your showering and cleaning needs.

Gas Fitting

Here at Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage, we have qualified gas fitters who are here to help you in Birtinya. Our gas fitting technicians are fully qualified to install or test any Type A gas appliances.

Cook up a storm whenever you like by installing a gas system for your oven. Or get a gas heater. These can have your whole house warm in no time!

If you have anything that runs on gas in your home, you can call us to fix it. That includes gas fires, gas water heaters, and more.

Burst Pipes

Not sure whether the issue you are having with your plumbing is burst pipes or not? Here are some signs that your pipes have burst:

  • The water pressure changes. Maybe you used to have fantastic water pressure in your shower or kitchen, for instance. Suddenly, it reduces down to a trickle; this is a sure sign that your pipes may have burst.
  • Water damage. If you have a burst pipe, you may spot some water damage on the walls in your home. That’s due to the water leaving the pipe and seeping into the walls. Wherever the pipe has burst is where you will see this, so some common areas are in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Odd sounds when the water is running. When a pipe has burst, there will often be some strange noises when you are running the water. This is because the water will be struggling to get past the gap and can start streaming out of it.
  • Higher water bills. If you notice a sudden surge in the price of your water bills, it may be caused by a broken pipe. If the pipe is constantly leaking out water, you will be using far more water than normal.

You can remove the bucket under your leaky pipes and stop worrying about the mould and mildew leaky pipes can cause.

Roof & Gutter Repairs

Getting up on the roof to clear out your gutters is a dangerous job. Let us maintain and fix your roof and gutters.

Tree roots can sometimes start growing through your underground pipes as well. This can be a massive headache as you often won’t realise why you’re having issues with the pipes because you can’t see it.


Mario and his team can help you find the perfect drainage solution for your home. We can help you with anything from blocked drains to installing new drainage systems.

We can also help you get on top of managing your grease traps to avoid future plumbing disasters. More grease goes down our sinks than we realise.

At Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage, we offer services you can count on. We pride ourselves on our honesty and affordability. Promptness is another value of ours, so we arrive on time, every time.

Whether you need a new hot water system, or you’ve got a burst pipe, we are just a call away. Get in touch now with our friendly team to discuss your plumbing needs.

We also offer many more plumbing services in Birtinya, so give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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