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With the sun shining overhead all year long, Caboolture is a beautiful place to live. Many of the residents love living here because of the heat.

However, the same great things about living in this place can be not so great if things go wrong with your plumbing. Blocked kitchen sinks can suddenly start to smell in the heat and there is often not enough rain to clear out your gutters naturally.

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Mario and his family have lived in Caboolture for more than a decade. Mario has more than 10 years’ experience in the plumbing industry and holds Certificate III and IV in Plumbing.

He is more than qualified to help you out with blocked drains, gas fitting, or burst pipes for your place on Caboolture.

That way everyone is on the same page and we can focus on getting the job done perfectly.

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Blocked Drains

In the bathroom, hair and beauty products go down your drains more often than you may realise. When you brush your hair in front of the sink, a lot of your hair ends up snaking its way down there. This can cause massive issues down in your pipes.

When we come in to fix a blocked drain, first we will determine the cause of the issue. Perhaps it is a blockage that’s built up over time, or maybe someone has stuck something down the drain that shouldn’t be there.

These are the early warning signs that you should get the drain seen to.

Hot Water Systems

Choosing a hot water system is never easy. If your household doesn’t use a lot of water, electric water heaters can be a good system for you. They have a low upfront cost relative to other options on the market.

Maybe it’s time that you got a new hot water system installed with enough hot water to cope with the needs of your entire family. We install, repair, and maintain many types of hot water systems. These include:


Gas is one of our favourite types of hot water systems to install. That’s because we know it provides our customers with endless, instant hot water.

Never run out of hot water again when you have a gas system installed!

If you have a small home, the unit can even be located outside to save on space.


Why not take advantage of all that sunshine?

Use a solar water heater to minimise your power bills while helping the planet at the same time. We can even install a wetback version which can take heat from your wood fire in the winter when you’re not getting as much sun.

Many people choose to install gas hot water systems for this reason. You will never run out of hot water again because of the quick heating process they use. This provides you with an endless supply of piping hot water for all your showering and cleaning needs.

Gas Fitting

If you are considering having a gas stove, hot water system, or cooktop installed, we can get that sorted for you. When you get your gas work carried out by us, we provide a certified Gas Work certificate and badge as required by the Queensland government.

Cook up a storm whenever you like by installing a gas system for your oven. Or get a gas heater. These can have your whole house warm in no time!

If you have anything that runs on gas in your home, you can call us to fix it. That includes gas fires, gas water heaters, and more.

Burst Pipes

We use a specialist leak detection technology to get to the bottom of your burst pipe issues. This can shave a lot of time off the process as then we can swiftly find and repair the leak.

If you notice that you have any of these issues with your plumbing, let us know right away. The faster we can fix your burst pipe, the less damage it can cause. This will save you money in the long run as you won’t be fixing serious water damage in your home.

Roof & Gutter Repairs

This area has a lot of gorgeous foliage around. However, this is unfortunately often the cause of issues with your gutters and stormwater drains. When tree branches make their way in there, they can clog up the drains, eventually causing the casing to break.

Tree roots can sometimes start growing through your underground pipes as well. This can be a massive headache as you often won’t realise why you’re having issues with the pipes because you can’t see it.

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Mario and his team can help you find the perfect drainage solution for your home. We can help you with anything from blocked drains to installing new drainage systems.

By catching rainwater, you can use this natural asset in your washing machine or on your garden. We can maintain, service, or upgrade your existing rainwater catchment system too.

At Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage, we pride ourselves on honesty. That’s why we provide upfront, realistic quotes. You won’t encounter any hidden fees or costs. You can trust us when it comes to plumbing services for your home or business.

Say goodbye to waiting around for a plumber to come, as we arrive exactly when we say we will.

Whatever you need, Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage are happy to create a unique solution for each of our valued customers. Customer service is critical to us, so we always offer friendly and efficient service with a smile.

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