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With the sun shining overhead all year long, the Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place to live. Many of the residents love living here because of the heat.

However, the same great things about living in this place can be not so great if things go wrong with your plumbing. Blocked kitchen sinks can suddenly start to smell in the heat and there is often not enough rain to clear out your gutters naturally.

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Luckily for you, we are your local Sunshine Coast plumbers who are here to help with any of your plumbing needs. We are a family run and owned business. Let our family help yours!

Customer service is our top priority. We are more than happy to fully explain the pricing and job with you, so you understand what you’ll need to pay before work starts. 

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Blocked Drains

In the bathroom, hair and beauty products go down your drains more often than you may realise. When you brush your hair in front of the sink, a lot of your hair ends up snaking its way down there. This can cause massive issues down in your pipes.

When we come in to fix a blocked drain, first we will determine the cause of the issue.

Perhaps it is a blockage that’s built up over time, or maybe someone has stuck something down the drain that shouldn’t be there.

We find more toys lodged down drains than you’d ever expect! Whatever it is, we can clear it out and have your drains running freely again.


We are passionate about helping you with your home renovations. There’s nothing better for us than seeing the end outcome when you’re happy with the brand-new look in your home.

No renovation is too hard or too large for our team. A new kitchen, new bathroom; whatever it is, we can do it.

Whether you’re transforming your home entirely or just making a few small changes, we’ve got you covered. 

Hot Water Systems

When you need a new hot water system, we’re here to help.

Whether you’d like to take advantage of that Sunshine Coast sun with a solar system, or you need a wetback system, we do it all. Stop the stress of running out of hot water and needing to take a cold shower by having a new system installed.

Gas Fitting

Here at Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage, we have qualified gas fitters who are here to help you on the Sunshine Coast. Our gas fitting technicians are fully qualified to install or test any Type A gas appliances.

If you need a gas appliance repaired or installed, come to us.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what type of repair person to call when something is broken.

If you have anything that runs on gas in your home, you can call us to fix it. That includes gas fires, gas water heaters, and more.

Burst Pipes

Not sure whether the issue you are having with your plumbing is burst pipes or not? Here are some signs that your pipes have burst:

  • The water pressure changes. Maybe you used to have fantastic water pressure in your shower or kitchen, for instance. Suddenly, it reduces down to a trickle; this is a sure sign that your pipes may have burst.
  • Water damage. If you have a burst pipe, you may spot some water damage on the walls in your home. That’s due to the water leaving the pipe and seeping into the walls. Wherever the pipe has burst is where you will see this, so some common areas are in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Odd sounds when the water is running. When a pipe has burst, there will often be some strange noises when you are running the water. This is because the water will be struggling to get past the gap and can start streaming out of it.
  • Higher water bills. If you notice a sudden surge in the price of your water bills, it may be caused by a broken pipe. If the pipe is constantly leaking out water, you will be using far more water than normal.

If you notice that you have any of these issues with your plumbing, let us know right away. The faster we can fix your burst pipe, the less damage it can cause.

This will save you money in the long run as you won’t be fixing serious water damage in your home.

Roof & Gutter Repairs

Having clogged up gutters, unfortunately, happens all too often in the Sunshine Coast. A lot of sun and not enough rain can result in branches and leaves getting into gutters with no water to naturally disperse them.

If not caught early on, roof and gutter leaks can wreak havoc on your home. A small drip can turn into a complete downpour if you’re not careful.

That’s why you need to get any issues fixed as soon as possible.

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We service many types of drains and offer a full range of drainage solutions for you to choose from.

If you’ve got issues with water pooling on your property, we can install a soakage trench for you so you won’t have to splash through the mud any longer. Or perhaps you need a plan for your septic treatment - we can do that too!

At Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage, we offer services you can count on. We pride ourselves on our honesty and affordability. Promptness is another value of ours, so we arrive on time, every time.

Say goodbye to waiting around for a plumber to come, as we arrive exactly when we say we will.

Get in touch with one of our friendly staff today to discuss your plumbing needs. We are more than happy to help with your gas or gutter needs and more!

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